Easy Editor

This screen provides an easy and convenient page editor for the pages within your website.

More advanced editing features are available on the Site Designer's Page Editor Screen.

The screen is split into three sections:

Website Selector

If you are a manager or administrator for more than one website, you can select which website to edit using the website selector:

Website Selector

Page Selector

The page selector is ordered in a similar manner to the menu's on your website:

Website Selector

To edit a page, simply click on the page you wish to edit.

Page Editor

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows you to edit the content of the selected page in a similar manner to editing a document in a word processor such as Microsoft WordTM:


Help on the WYSIWYG editor can be invoked by clicking the help button on the editor:

Editor Help Button

Page History

FreemasonsWeb stores a copy of the page as it was in the last five login sessions, and records who altered the page.

This option allows you to "revert" your page back to an earlier version, should you wish to discard your page edits.

To revert a page, select the version of the page you wish to re-instate, and click the Revert Page button.

Force Editor Width to Website Width

Checking this box will re-size the editor to be the same width as it would be shown on your website.

This gives you a better indication as to how your page will be laid out when published.

Once you have finished editing your content, click the save button to save your changes:

Editor Save Button

To cancel your edits, click the cancel button on the editor:

Editor Cancel Button

Uploading Images and Files

Images and files can be uploaded directly from this page using the Image/File Upload facility at the bottom of the page:

Easy Edit Upload Images/Files

Use the Browse button to locate your file or image, give it a "friendly" name in the description box, then click Upload Image if this is an image, or Upload File if this is a file.

Images will appear in your "Image List" when using the Insert Image button:

Files will appear in your "Link List" when inserting a hyperlink: