News Items

The News Items screen allows you to manage the news items that appear on any pages of type "News".

This screen can show either the News Item List, or the News Item Editor:

News Item List

On entering the News Items screen, you will be presented with the News Item List:

News Item List

If you are a manager or administrator of more than one site, you can select which website you want to manage news items for using the Website Selector:

Website Selector

The table of news items is a paged list, showing the following:


Displays the date of the news item.

News Item

Displays the title and description of the news item.


There are two action buttons available for each news item:

Edit Button (Edit) Invokes the News Item Editor, allowing you to edit this news item.
Delete Button (Delete) Permanently deletes this news item.

Page Navigation

To navigate through your pages of news items, use the Page Navigator:

Page Navigator

Creating and Editing News Items

To edit an existing news item, click the Edit Button Edit Button to the right of the news item you wish to edit.

To create a new news item, click the Create News Item Button button.

In both cases, you will be presented with the News Item Editor:

News Item Editor

The options for your news item are as follows:

Date The date that your news happened.
Visible To:

Allows you to select the member level required to view this news item.

Anything other than Public will require the user to log in to view the item.

Items set to a visiblity of Public - hide description will enable users to see the news title, but not the description unless they log-in.

Title A brief title of your news item.

The image you wish to be displayed next to the news item on your web page.

By default, the "default news image" will be displayed, however you can select any image you have previously uploaded from the drop-down list.

For details on uploading images, see the Images section.

Display Mode

The content of your news item description is split into three access levels:

  • Default
  • Basic Members
  • Full Members
This option determines how the description should be displayed, depending on a member's access level:


  • When set to Append, the Default description is always shown.
  • If the member is at least a "Basic Member", then the Basic Members text will be shown after the Default text.
  • If the member is at least a "Full Member", then the Full Members text will be shown after the Basic Members text.

When set to Specific, then the relevant text is shown for each member level:

  • Members of "Full Member" and above will be shown only the Full Members text;
  • Members of "Basic Member" will only be shown the Full Members text;
  • All other visitors will only be shown the Default text.


The WYSIWYG editor allows you to type in the content of your news item.

The tab buttons allow you to edit the content for your Default, Basic and Full Members.

This is the same WYSIWYG editor as on the Page Editor screen.

Refer to the Page Editor section for more details on the WYSIWYG editor.

Action Buttons

There are three Action Buttons at the bottom of the screen:

Page Edit Buttons

These buttons have the following effect:

Save Save's any changes on this screen.
Cancel Disregards your changes, and returns the news item to what it was the last time you saved it.
Delete Permanently deletes this news item.