Moderate Guesbook Entries

This screen allows you to decide which guestbook entries will be allowed to appear on your guestbook page.

On entering the screen you are presented with your list of guestbook entries, with the unmoderated entries at the top:

Guestbook Entry List

If you manage or administer more than one website, you can select the site you wish to moderate guestbook entries for, by using the Website Selector:

Website Selector

Guestbook Entry List

The Guestbook Entry list shows the following information:

Entry Date

This is the date and time when the guestbook entry was made.


Shows the name provided by the person making the entry.


Displays the comments the visitor entered.

Is Authorised

If this box is ticked, then the entry will appear on your guestbook page.

If you change the this from ticked to unticked, or vice-versa, you must click the save button at the bottom of the page:

Save Button


The following actions are available on each guestbook entry:

Delete Button (Delete)

Permanently deletes this guestbook entry.

By default, you will be given a confirmation prompt when deleting each guestbook entry.

To stop this prompt from showing, un-check the Show Delete Prompt checkbox:

Show Delete Prompt

Edit Button (Edit)

Invokes the Guestbook Entry Editor for this entry.

To navigate through your list of guestbook entries, use the Page Navigator:

Page Navigator

Editing Guestbook Entries

You can edit the details of a guestbook entry by clicking on the edit button Edit Button to the right of the entry on the Guestbook Entry List.

Clicking this button will invoke the Guestbook Entry Editor:

Guestbook Entry Editor

When you have finished your changes, click the Save button to apply your changes, or Cancel to disregard your changes and return to the Guestbook Entry List:

Save Button