Membership Requests

The Membership Requests page is split into two sections.

The first section, shows you the status of any membership requests you have made:

List of Membership Requests


Shows the name of the site you have requested membership of.

Requested Member Level

Shows which member level you have requested.

Authorised Member Level

If your request is still in a pending state, or has been denied then this will show your current level of membership. A membership level of "Public" means you are not currently a member, but have general public access to that website.

If your request has been approved, then this will show your new membership level.


This shows the status of your membership request

This can be one of the following statuses:


Any comments that the site administrator has made regarding your request will be shown here.

This could be, for example, the reason for authorising at a different level, or the reason for denying your request.


There is one button within the action column for removing a request:

Delete Delete

If your request is still pending this will remove your request altogether, in effect cancelling your request for membership.

If your request has been approved or denied, then this will simply remove this request from the list, and will not affect your membership.

Requesting Membership of a Website

The second section provides a form with which to request membership of a website.

Once granted, membership of a website can allow you access to events and/or pages that are not available to the general public.

The fields on this form are explained below:

Request To Join Site

You should select the website you wish to join using the drop-down boxes:

Website Selector Dropdown

The first dropdown selects the type of website you're looking for, e.g. Craft Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter etc.

Website Selector Dropdown

The second dropdown selects the constitution of website you're looking for, e.g. All Constitutions, England, Scotland, etc.

Website Selector Dropdown

The last drop-down lists all the masonic websites currently hosted by FreemasonsWeb in alphabetical order. You should select the desired lodge/chapter from this list:

Website Selector Dropdown

You can filter this list by typing in a partial phrase in the "search" box to the right of the drop-down:

Website Name Filter

Websites matching your filter will be moved to the top of the drop-down list.

At Member Level

Select the member level you wish to join at.

Member Level Selector

The options are as follows:


Here you should enter a reason for requesting membership:

Request Reason

It may help to give details of your own lodge and/or chapter membership in order to assist the site administrator in deciding your membership request.

Once you have completed the request form, click the Send Request button to send your request.