Image Galleries

This section describes how to create an image gallery page for your website using the "Image Gallery" page type.

Note: Some Constitutions have strict rules regarding the pictures of members on masonic websites, and may require written permission from the members involved. Please check the website guidelines for your Constitution before publishing pictures of your members.

The Image Gallery page type displays a scrollable list of thumbnail images on the bottom of your page; when your visitors click on a thumbnail, the larger image is shown along with its title:

Creating an image gallery consists of three easy steps:

  1. Uploading your images on the Site Designer->Images page
  2. Creating a new menu item and page for your image gallery
  3. Adding your images to the gallery page

1. Uploading Images

Upload your images via the Site Designer->Images page.

Help on the images page can be found here: Freemasons-Web: Help: Site Designer : Images

2. Creating an Image Gallery Page

To create your image gallery page, navigate to the Site Designer->Menu and click the add button next to the Menu Item you wish your gallery to appear:

Answer OK to the prompt:

A new menu item and corresponding page have now been created.

You should now rename the menu item to Image Gallery, and click Save:

Now click the Page Edit button to put your images on your gallery:

3. Adding Images to Your Page

Setting the Page Type

First you'll notice that your page is still called "New Page"... rename this first:

Next, before you add any images you must tell FreemasonsWeb that this page is an "Image Gallery" page.

Now click save:

You should now see a selector for your images:


Adding your Images

To add an image, scroll through the gallery and click on the image you wish to add.

You can limit the images within the scroll gallery by using the filter search on title & description and/or tag words:

You'll notice this image now appears on the right-hand side... click the "Add Image" button:

The image will now be added to the gallery section below:

Repeat this process until you have added all the images in your gallery.

Once you've finished adding your images, don't forget to click the "Save" button:


Managing the images on your Gallery

You'll notice that there are action buttons under each image:

move left Moves the image to the left within the image order.
update Updates the image to be the currently selected image (the one above the "Add Image" button).
Removes this image from your gallery.
Moves the image to the right within the image order.


Again, once you've finished managing your images, don't forget to click the "Save" button: