The Files page allows you to upload files such as word, pdf, excel or power-point documents to your website, for your members to download:

On entering the Files screen you are presented with your list of files:

Files List

If you manage or administer more than one website, you can select the site you wish to manage images for by using the Website Selector:

Website Selector

Uploading Files

To upload an file, first browse to the file you want to upload by clicking the Browse button:

Browse Button

Select the file on your computer using the dialog box, and click Open:

File Browse Dialog

Click the Upload button to upload your file:

Upload Button

Your file is now added to the list of files:

Files List

You should now rename the title of your image, so you can easily identify it when selecting it from any drop-down list:

File Title

Click the Save button to save your new title.

Save Button

To navigate through your list of files, use the Page Navigator:

Page Navigator

Managing Files

There are only two operations available for images: renaming, and deleting.

Renaming Files

To rename your file title, enter the new name in the edit box next to your file:

Image Title

Click the Save button to save your new title.

Save Button

Deleting a File

To delete a file, click on the delete Delete Button button to the right of your file.

Adding Download Links to Your Pages

To add a download link to your page, open your page within Easy Editor or Site Designer->Page Editor.

Highlight the text you wish to use as your download link:

Highlight Text

Right-Click and select insert/edit link from the dropdown menu:

Insert/Edit Link Menu

The Insert/Edit Link dialog will appear. Select your file from the Link List Dropdown:

Insert/Edit Link Menu

You'll notice that files are prefixed with (file) and always appear at the bottom of the list:

Insert/Edit Link Menu

Once you have selected your file, click Insert button to create your download link:

Insert/Edit Link Menu